Burger King – Woke And Broke l Have it your way

Burger King – Woke And Broke l Have it your way

U.S. based food processing plants are being destroyed all over the country. Once great fast food locations are going broke and closing their doors. Sit down restaurants are becoming a thing of the past for residents on the left coast. Even low-end retail stores are being forced to increase security measures to stay afloat. While you may not be feeling the direct impact of “woke” policies in your neighborhood just yet give it some time.
ESG (economic, social, and governance) is a very real threat and the consequences to the public at large stand in direct contrast to everything the political left claims to be against.
McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola are just a small number of companies impacted by the Defund the Police “movement”, rising inflation under the Biden Administration, rampant crime rates in major cities, and media induced thought compliance.
The ideology of the left continues to push the establishment political agenda, which promotes new corporate standards, which then trickles down to every mom and pop business who are themselves forced to comply.
It’s all connected. It’s all crazy. It’s all on purpose.
Forget the new Spider Man Red Whopper. This may be the biggest whopper of them all.

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