Talisman Sabre – War Time l Everything points to 2025

Talisman Sabre – War Time l Everything points to 2025

The Talisman Sabre drills are nothing new. This time, though, the stakes have never been higher with the breaking news out of Russia that an alleged assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin was carried out by Ukrainian forces overnight via unmanned drone strikes on the Kremlin. Talks of a “spring offensive” in the coming weeks is sure to raise temperatures even more.
With billions of U.S. aid money going out, questions about military recruiting shortfalls, weapons shortages, along with rising CCP tensions concerning Taiwan, and a host of deeply disturbing domestic issues here at home are we really in a position right now to have the largest military exercise of its kind taking place?
Don’t forget there’s also a U.S. election right around the corner which is sure to spark even more divisiveness.
So, the question remains:
Is the ever-expanding military-industrial complex (at this point) a necessity to coordinate joint efforts in the event something major happens or is World War 3 already a foregone conclusion?

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