JAR – We all live in a TITAN submarine

JAR – We all live in a TITAN submarine

Is the OceanGate Titan Submersible story the false flag to end all psy-ops or are we finally reaching a Venn diagram convergence of peak stupid in America? Whatever your answer may be, 5 woke billionaires with connections to the World Economic Forum, NASA, SETI, and with influence over our food, energy, & chemicals have perished amid news reports of BlackRock, Russia, Trump, and Hunter Biden plea deal bombshells.
It’s no wonder the internet is buzzing about the story.
Media diversion tactics in the modern era are well documented but we still latch on, especially when
it comes to the elite. And the theories are expanding..
This time it seems at least probable that Project Blue Beam, Operation High Jump,
and numerous other clandestine government operations are reaching the masses in
record numbers and unplugging normies from the Matrix like never before. Welcome aboard.

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