JAR – Whose LINE is it anyway?

JAR – Whose LINE is it anyway?

Another day, another Biden administration scandal. This time it prompted some people to question whether or not Hunter Biden was involved. It’s no conspiracy that the smartest guy Joe Biden knows has had his share of “issues” with drugs in the past (among other things) and cocaine was recently found in one of the rooms of the White House, prompting evacuation. The maddening lack of response from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and others
has the internet buzzing and the American public once again scratching their collective heads in
disbelief over the lack of information surrounding the incident.
The most secure and transparent presidency in history can’t find a recording and are referring journalists
to the Secret Service for further details.
While the Biden Administration continues online censorship efforts to curtail the spread of misinformation leading up to the 2024 election one would think this wouldn’t be handled so casually. But it is. However, according to at least one source, the USSS will be briefing the public on Thursday, July 13th at 10am and maybe then we’ll get some answers.
Until the next major catastrophe, that is.

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