JAR – I left my heart (in a bio-med lab) in San Francisco

JAR – I left my heart (in a bio-med lab) in San Francisco

While the American public continues to focus on the possibility of aliens or “biologics” among us,
unbelievably inappropriate comments by Rep. Nancy Mace (R) at a recent prayer breakfast, the change from Twitter to ‘X’ by Elon Musk, and the ongoing quest to find the TMFINR woman, some very startling things with very real-world consequences have once again flown under the radar.
The once great city of San Francisco is moving ahead with reparations plans for the State of
California that would cost taxpayers upwards of $175 billion dollars. For the next 250 years.
But that isn’t the story. At least not the WHOLE story.
California, like many of our states during an upcoming election year, has promised a helluva lot
to its’ citizens lately. However, in uniquely California fashion San Francisco city officials have decided to crack down on the new X signage atop the building of the business formerly known as Twitter.
So while the drug addled homeless problem continues to get worse (in every major city) you can see where the priorities are. Hold on though, because you can now add in the recent discovery of a CCP funded bio medical research lab doing Covid experiments just three hours’ drive away from San Fran to the laundry list of things to worry about. And you should worry. Because the mainstream media and your government certainly doesn’t.

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