JAR – Maui WOWIE & the plant she named Liberty Tree

JAR – Maui WOWIE & the plant she named Liberty Tree

Everyone has their respective story to tell when it comes to the year that was 2020. What was yours? Most would rather talk about Lizzo stealing food or “family friendly” Wayne Brady (who prefers to get blanked in the blank) these days. But against the backdrop of a potential nuclear war, unprecedented attacks via indictments on a former (some say current) President Donald Trump, illegal Covid labs found in California, and Hawaii on fire we are coming up on the debates and entering into another election season. Think of the consequences if we don’t address the above mentioned.
Will it be the fractured Republican party that corrects course? Could it be Ron DeSantis? Vivek Ramaswamy, perhaps? Or could it be someone from the left?
Governor Jesse Ventura; a generation’s best talker in pro wrestling, an anti-establishment guy, with unique experience as a Navy SEAL, has been making the rounds lately as a left leaning anti-Trump guy with some aspirations for running a campaign for president in 2024. What about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?
Even if you’re not part of the left/right paradigm, as I believe most of you are not as (presumably) Trump supporters, are we willing to take ideas from everywhere that make sense and shape them into policy?
We don’t need moderators to do this. However, it seems we DO need a few reminders.

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