JAR – Better left UNCED

JAR – Better left UNCED

America is suffering an invasion of illegals at the southern border and with it, an invasion of drugs, crime, poverty, disease, and discontent. Right now, the U.S. is being infiltrated by an alliance of big government and too big to fail corporations with the profit motive to offset the above issues at our expense. A police state, once thought only to exist in dystopian novels and pop culture, is here. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in U.S. history when things changed, the story is as old as humanity itself. A problem is presented, a reaction to the problem takes place, and the same small group of elites who caused the problem in the first place offers a solution, pushing the masses in an intended direction. So even as the advancements in technology continue to evolve in a more helpful direction, even though our progress in areas of medicine, agriculture, housing, and climate are objectively better, the majority of people in America find this era to be the most chaotic, out of control, and morally insolvent to date. The modern form (post World War 2) of the idea that every societal ill is because of injustice and not simply inevitable, arose from a gathering of the world’s ruling classes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. In the meeting We The People were referred to as “cannon fodder” and our elected leaders were told that we WILL comply and that we’d have to give up sovereignty to achieve carbon neutrality, among other things. Problem is, our “leaders” mortgaged our future without our consent. No one asked us. Now maybe WE can solve the problem by offering a peaceful solution… before it’s too late.

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