JAR – Lawfare & the exile to ELLIS Island

JAR – Lawfare & the exile to ELLIS Island

The Statue of Liberty has long been a beacon of hope to the world. Ellis Island in New York was designated by the federal government as the main hub for immigrants coming to America in search of fairness, faith, and freedom. Ironically, the very person who was tasked with speaking to the media about uncovering a nation’s worth of anomalies in the aftermath of the whirlwind 2020 election has been stripped of these very ideals. Jenna Ellis, former senior legal advisor to President Donald Trump, has been excoriated for turning her back on Trump by taking a plea deal to testify against him at trial in Georgia after taking more than $200k in donations from MAGA voters to fight the ‘election subversion’ case. While Ellis had already previously distanced herself from the Republican Party by switching to Independent, her support of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for executive office in 2024 also drew the ire of Trump supporters. With many more people waking up these days to how the political left operates, how can we be so sure this wasn’t an act of self-preservation? And even if it was (her own legal team admitted to rushing a plea deal to avoid RICO), she has been firmly planted in the proverbial No Man’s Land. The political right feels betrayed and the political left celebrates. Are we really to believe that Jenna Ellis never had Trump’s back, never believed the election was tampered with, and that she wasn’t doing the work to help the United States? Welcome to Ellis Island where we eat our own.

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