JAR – BIDEN tells the TRUTH…

JAR – BIDEN tells the TRUTH…

Our weakness as a country will once again be on full display, this time in Israel, as Joe Biden is schedule to visit the nation in the midst of a war spurred by recent Hamas attacks. Setting aside for a moment the gaffes here at home; incoherent speeches, spatial recognition issues, and apparent vertigo, Joe Biden has been inconsistent on (largely) diversity hires, campaign messaging, border policy, and has used the DOJ and the FBI to attack former President Donald J. Trump. Abroad, the current regime has been punked numerous times by the CCP and others and now the United States is staring at a nuclear war from several fronts. North Korea and the alliance with Russia, a potential invasion of Taiwan, Iran, and now a fight in Gaza all seemingly amount to a polar shift from Trump’s handle on the world and the world stage. Never one to be outdone by the millions of Trump supporters known as MAGA, Joe Biden and team have decided to join the once fledgling platform known as Truth Social to sell his wares and “gain converts”. This is the same platform born out of the silencing and censoring of Trump leading up to the 2020 election and January 6th by every other townhall style social media. If weakness invites aggression (as has historically always been the case) then what would such a move by the Biden campaign be hoping for here? It should be a fair question to ask considering that Trump is far and away the front runner in the next election coupled with an absolute roasting of the newest account created on Truth. Whatever the case may be, at least for now, We the People are being heard. And Biden is forcing himself to acknowledge former President Trump.

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