JAR – PANdora’s Box

JAR – PANdora’s Box

The ancient Greek legend of Pandora’s Box describes all the evils of the world; false idols, famine, war, and death, being unleashed upon humanity by one single object. And today, many of us resign ourselves to accepting “necessary evils” as a way of justifying a corrupt and out of control Federal Government here in the United States. Clandestine research into government mind control is certainly nothing new, of course, but the universal and all-pervasive Cell Phone has provided the conduit needed for pulsed messages directly into the human brain. This convergence of science, technology, and biology was hijacked, funded, researched, and implemented by the same core of global political operatives that push war propaganda, critical race theory, gender ideology, and every other concept that has us on the brink of destruction. With the Soviet era “Project Pandora” being reopened as the recently rebranded RadioBio project by DARPA are we able to handle the consequences?

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