JAR – Trial by FEVER

JAR – Trial by FEVER

For years now, the American people have been told to “trust the science”. The pernicious effects of the blind adherence to this line of thinking have manifested itself in many forms; myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots, and cardiac arrest to name a few. While those who were badgered into making life altering decisions concerning their health should be forgiven for doing so without all the proper studies being made available (thanks to broad censorship on the subject), those who called for mandates should not be granted amnesty. With trust in our healthcare institutions at a record low we now have a population still hungover from the Covid fiasco who are unwilling to admit the money game that Big Pharma plays. And as new technology continues to develop as it pertains to gene-editing and gene edited therapeutics, the same players in this game are once again on the starting line. DARPA, Oxitec, Bill Gates, and the Pentagon have released super bug mosquitos in the United States despite backlash from natives in the Florida Keys with not a single vote taken on the decision. The mosquitos are genetically modified but we are the guinea pigs… Welcome to the new eugenics movement.

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