Conservatives can continue to pretend that there is a fracture in the GOP for who should be the nominee in November. What they cannot do is hide the will of the American voters who want President Trump back in office.

Much like 2016, it seems that even “Never Trumper’s” are going to have to drag him across the finish line in order to defeat the political left who are hell bent on stopping Trump at every measure imaginable. And one of the things Team Trump can do to help themselves is choosing the right person for Vice President. Names like Kari Lake, Kristi Noem, Ron DeSantis, and even Tucker Carlson have all been kicked around.

But with the country on the verge of a potential Civil War, it might be a good idea to take a cue from history. Abraham Lincoln, a wartime President and a man, Trump supporters often compare him to, during his second run chose a Democrat as his Vice President. Perhaps the “dark horse” this time around is a similar choice, or at least should be. Someone who can get Trump over the line and bring the country back together…

Let’s call him the Lincoln of VP’s.

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