Hollywood’s LIBERAL Deception: Rosslyn Chapel’s SINISTER Symbolism

Hollywood’s LIBERAL Deception: Rosslyn Chapel’s SINISTER Symbolism

Hollywood has long been known as a bastion of the craziest liberal ideas infiltrating America. The axiom of politics being downstream from the culture certainly has its’ place and yet it seems as if the more our long held ideals are ripped down in the name of so-called social justice, it becomes more difficult to replace them with anything meaningful. Strange enough, this new quest for Truth has led many back to medieval times. Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, the same church made famous again in the DaVinci Code movie, is one such place. Every year travelers from around the world make a pilgrimage to this magnificent structure that is buried in time, complete with strange occult symbolism from a very grim past. In fact, this same symbolism can be found here in America… and can be traced back to some of the wealthiest elites from around the world.

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