The Adam and Eve Story: Cold War SECRETS or URGENT WARNING?

The Adam and Eve Story: Cold War SECRETS or URGENT WARNING?

As the recent fears of a nuclear holocaust being fostered by the elite class in Washington continue to serve as the backdrop for an election just a few months away, it’s hard not to look back at the Cold War of the 1960’s. With the mainstream media continually shaping the talking points around things like Russia, the CIA, and even climate change it seems as if the collective conscious has kicked into survival mode by once again calling everything into question. Freedom of Information Act requests have uncovered a previously classified book by Chan Thomas from this era titled: ‘The Adam and Eve Story: A History of Cataclysms’, which proposed alternative explanations for things concerning the origin of humankind and even UFO’s. While many consider the book to be nothing more than conspiracy theory misinformation it could be a warning, and the wakeup call, that is needed at this very moment in history.

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