Devil Revolution – God Help Us l Downstream politics

Devil Revolution – God Help Us l Downstream politics

Everyone, including avowed satanists, have a right to the freedom of expression and to religion as codified in the Constitution of the United States. However, it states that these rights are not given by any government or institution. Instead, we are given them by a Creator. In recognizing that these freedoms come from a higher power it seems lost on this particular crowd that this would indicate we are held to an objective moral standard of right and wrong. If it doesn’t, it means that everything is based on the opinion of the individual and the standard then rests on the majority of those that hold these beliefs, whatever they may be.
Throughout history we’ve watched this play out time and again and with disastrous results.
Truth is, the large majority of professed Christians are partly to blame for the rise of so many of the cultural problems we face as a country today. At some point it must have been decided that Christians should retreat from
engaging in the political sphere, education, and the culture at large out of fear that Biblical doctrine may offend someone or that they may hurt someone’s feelings.
But when you take God out of the equation, well, things tend to become God-less.
As well, it could be argued that this is just the nature of the beast in today’s world and that we all generally understand how to act around others but that hasn’t always been the case. At some point a revelation was needed to usher in civilized society.
In two stunning examples recently reported by the New York Post we see one couple who (allegedly) unwittingly decided to name their newborn ‘Lucifer’ because, as they put it, the name means light-bringer in Greek. And in another, we have the Only Fans “model” Kierstyn Milligan who claims to have spent $64 thousand dollars transforming herself through body modification to become ‘demonic’.
The old saying goes, “love the sinner, hate the sin”. But does that mean we can’t call it out?
If it does, God help us all.

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