JAR – A Covid-like computer VIRUS

JAR – A Covid-like computer VIRUS

In the most recent online clip to go viral over Amazon Alexa and predictive programming, an answer to who will win the 2024 Presidential Election was shocking. In short, Alexa answered by citing a nuclear war with Russia and China; with the U.S. having no clear answer as to who won because of it. At the same time we have everyone talking about the return of Covid, including the White House. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden recently tested positive for the virus and President Joe Biden has announced he will wear a mask, even while indoors… with a new marketing campaign in the works to get citizens on board with social distancing, masking, and lining up to receive a brand-new version of the mRNA Covid vaccine.
The Federal response to Covid-19 the first time around paved the way for some very chilling examples of how quickly your freedom (s) can disappear. Rightfully, people are concerned over the growing rhetoric surrounding mandates (of any sort) and with a large (some say majority) swath of newly disenfranchised citizens this time around, more and more people are beginning to speak up (DO NOT COMPLY was trending recently). This includes celebrities like Roseanne Barr and pundits like Tucker Carlson. But what if the return of Covid-19 isn’t exactly the new variant or version we’d imagined? The concern for a lot of people is whether an election will even take place in 2024. If it doesn’t, who takes control? What are the guidelines for such a thing? Perhaps more importantly, what would be the event or pretext for the halt of an election in the first place? Well, look no further than the World Economic Forum for some options…
Could a false alarm over World War 3 see mass migration, starvation, and an infringement of Rights the likes of which the United States has never seen before?

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