JAR – Let’s talk………Tyranny

JAR – Let’s talk………Tyranny

This is only a test…
How many times have you heard this before? Every American will be hearing these words again on Wednesday October 4th, 2023. We have the MAINSTREAM talking of such things, an impending alien invasion, an alien invasion inside your mind, climate change emergencies, wildfires, a financial collapse, a new Covid lockdown, rolling blackouts, and a whole lot more. Ask anyone born in the mid 1950’s and they’ll tell you of a generation that saw the Sputnik launch (October 4th, 1957) and how much it scared them. How they had nuclear drills and had to hide under desks in classrooms everywhere across the country (in fact, all the way into the early 2000’s in many places).
But you can ask yourself why this time might be different.
The Executive Orders going back to the Obama Administration are signed and ready to take down the Internet and implement full and total Martial Law under continuity of government in the event of a nuclear attack. Not that long ago the same switch was flipped on “accident” in Hawaii, alarming citizens and causing panic.
Are we inching closer to something? Something big…?

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