45th President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump has stated on numerous occasions that the Deep State has weaponized big government against its’ citizens. President Trump has also stated that after all the impeachments and all the indictments against him, We the People are next. Democrat Attorney General of New York Letitia James (the same A.G. who levied an indictment against Trump), along with Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Department of Health have recently APPEALED a Covid isolation and quarantine measure that was unconstitutionally enacted some three years ago and was recently struck down in a lower court. So called “independent” fact checkers in the mainstream media, on social media, and across the Internet have hid behind the Tik Tok culture of tin foil hat conspiracy theories to discredit whistleblowers and now State Senator’s trying to fight back against a Goliath of lawyers and resources in a state which continues to defend the practice of (potentially) locking you up for an unspecified amount of time, in an undisclosed location, without due process. All because of Covid-19 (or so they claim). But the tyranny goes far beyond Covid and the state of New York.
Unless we stand to call them out… before it’s too late.

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