JAR – A breath of fresh VAER

JAR – A breath of fresh VAER

The pathway for human trials of an intranasal mRNA vaccine has just opened with a study conducted by Yale researchers in which this new delivery method was successfully tested on mice. Various intervention examples have also been kicked around for things like cystic fibrosis and gene editing. While the concern among the public at-large with regard to vaccinations, generally, is not about methodology per se this new “Air Vax” (as it’s being called) rightfully does. Unprecedented measures were taken during Operation Warp Speed to manufacture, distribute, and promote mRNA jabs which included a fast tracking of the drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the cancellation of many therapeutic medicines by doctors and pharmacists, and very harsh mandates. And this was all just in the last three years. But what happens when you combine this with the fact that the United States elite have long been testing experimental bioweapons technology on an unsuspecting populace in the interest of public health and safety, a disturbing picture begins to emerge. One in which intramuscular injection is longer necessary. One in which propaganda, informed consent, corporate liability, and every Freedom you were ever born with are also no longer necessary.

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