TikTok Turmoil: Biden’s SELL-OUT Agenda vs. American LIBERTIES

TikTok Turmoil: Biden’s SELL-OUT Agenda vs. American LIBERTIES

Dubbed by many to be the “Patriot Act on Steroids” Senate Bill 686, referred to as the Restrict Act, made its way through Congress last year. Hefty fines and even imprisonment over accessing CCP parent company Byte Dance’s wildly popular app TikTok still sits on the table, ready to punish any American who does so… retroactively. Despite the outcry over the Restrict Act by many in the mainstream media another Bill was recently introduced that would force the sale of TikTok by the Biden Administration. While the sale of the TikTok app is being sold to us in an ‘in our best interest’ package, the vague language, censorship, and potential punishment involved should alarm every American. While the normalization of infiltration by spies, spy balloons, and the purchase of U.S. farmland by the CCP continues on we take a look at yet another example of government overreach on our Civil Liberties.

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