ECLIPSE 2024: DIVISIONS, Celestial Warnings, and GLOBAL UPHEAVAL

ECLIPSE 2024: DIVISIONS, Celestial Warnings, and GLOBAL UPHEAVAL

The total solar eclipse that will stretch across the United States on April 8th this year brings along with it a more divided and embattled nation over the course of the last four years than at any other time in history. If anything can be learned about ourselves from this history, it may very well be that despite our achievements as a society we remain captive to certain celestial agents of change. “Eclipse 2024”, as it’s being referred to, will be accompanied by a bright light in the darkness called the “Devil Comet” and already major shakeups are happening across the world involving King Charles and the Royal Family, more talk of an impending World War, the death and rise of a new Pope, and the Presidential election in November. Perhaps the total solar eclipse serves as a reminder that we don’t control much… and no one can really stop what’s coming.

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