Blood and CHAOS: Leftist Plot to Destroy TRUMP

Blood and CHAOS: Leftist Plot to Destroy TRUMP

What happens when the plans of far-left extremists in our own government, promulgated by their media cohorts on cable news, to “excommunicado” a former president fail miserably? Shock videos of self-immolation in protest of Donald Trump, vials of blood sent to the 45th President, safety concerns over growing protests in the coming months being ignored by Secret Service, and the reports of Biden’s DOJ hoping for a shootout at the Mar-a-Lago residency during a politically motivated raid on the property all seem to add up to one very sick and disturbing endgame for this death cult. But hopefully the new message of hope from Donald Trump is just what the doctor ordered for this election and the years ahead. Before all hope is lost… for good.

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