JAR – Speaker, speaker, AGAINST THE WALL

JAR – Speaker, speaker, AGAINST THE WALL

Can you make a counteroffer to fate? Is the Truth a shouting match to see who is loudest? The fate your government wants isn’t a good one. And right now, they’re the voice over the loudspeaker. Propagandists in the mainstream media are openly telling you that some sort of battle is inevitable. Newsweek recently reported three letter agencies’ targeting Trump supporters and labeling them as “domestic terrorists” and “MAGA extremists”. However, Israeli citizens were killed in an attack just after the Biden regime released six billion dollars to actual terrorists in the middle East. You are being told daily to guard Democracy at all costs to avoid an offensive by the communist Democrats, meanwhile supporters of the GOP are being told to guard Freedom against a communist Democrat offensive. We are simply the pawns. The ash heap of history, as they say, is such because history itself is a wildfire and right now there’s not much left to burn. Uncle Sam was awarded a no bid contract for your Freedom a long time ago. The one man who stood between the nail and your coffin, the one who exposed the grift of Big Government (Donald J. Trump), is being law-fared out of Washington permanently. The “no new wars” President. He temporarily stopped the laundering and looting and made a historic negotiation with the Abraham Accords. But again, an Obama era policy still in effect allows them to tell you that there’s some sort of MAGA Army, some sort of maniacal tribal cult who heeds every call by their dastardly leader. Though, the truth is that whatever the 45th President of the United States of America meant to founding principles, what he meant to the working middle class, what he has unleashed on the sleeping masses, you can extract Hope from whatever is left after he’s officially knee capped from the Post. That’s what the Uniparty is missing. This is what they cannot understand. That’s why you shouldn’t put it past them to stop the former President from becoming the next Speaker of the House.

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