LIBERTY’S DEFENSE: The Internet Kill Switch Danger

LIBERTY’S DEFENSE: The Internet Kill Switch Danger

Under the Communications Act of 1934 and signed into law by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt the Executive Branch was given the sole power to commandeer any device that emits radio frequency in the name of safety and security for the nation. But as the definition of what constitutes a National Emergency has broadened under the scope of Continuity of Government (COG) guidelines and the rise of Ai, 6G, CBDC’s, and other technology in recent decades, how can we trust that an “Internet Kill Switch” can’t or won’t be used against us? Already cities across the country are warning of limited services like food, travel, and cell signal interruptions during the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th. And with an election year upon us, we have a lockdown style Martial Law still on the books… For any President to impose on We the People, at any time.

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